Warner Bros just doesn’t know what to do with Superman. They’ve proven this time and again. But now they may have finally figured out a solution: they’re bringing in Christopher Nolan to be the ‘godfather’ to the franchise. At least that’s what Nikki Finke is saying.

Nolan and the studio have a great relationship, so it’s not surprising that WB would turn to him and ask for his help in getting Superman out of the morass in which he’s currently stuck. More surprising is that Nolan accepted the gig. Could this be the first step in getting Nolan to ‘godfather’ much of the rest of the DC Universe on film*?

The studio has been trying to come up with something – anything – to do with the Man of Steel that isn’t a continuation of Bryan Singer’s Superman Returns. The problem is that they just don’t know what the fuck to do with the character, and apparently Nolan has a take.

What would that take be? Here are some ideas that our made-up sources have fed to us:

- Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Superman is disconnected from temporal linearity. He must go over his life – out of order – to discover who stuck him there.

- Nolan is interested in remaking Superman III, just without any of the edge or subtext.

- Superman actually has no powers but wears an armored suit and has a cape that functions as a glider. He runs around a dark, oppressive city and has a sore throat. Everybody is impressed by how realistic it is.

- He’s just going to convince the studio to rerelease The Prestige, but in IMAX and with Mr. Mxyzptlk CGI’ed over Hugh Jackman.

Nolan won’t be directing this film – at least not at this stage – but it’ll very likely be his vision for the character. Now it’s your turn to try and figure out where he’ll take Superman.

* Please God, no.