The 2010 SXSW Fest is just about a month away, and as usual they have a great lineup planned for you. But never mind the big names, the real quest for any film fan at a festival like this is to take a chance on some smaller films to find those tucked-away gems. Hopefully a case in point, director/writer/producer/editor Clay Liford’s Earthling.

The indie flick is about a group of people who wake up after a weird atmospheric event to find out that their whole lives have been a lie. They’re not human at all, they’re aliens- and now they’ve got to decide whether to keep living their lie or try to find a way back home.

They have this haunting, strangely beautiful trailer for the film. Check it out and wish more films were teased this way.

They have another trailer hitting the net soon, but for now check out their official website for more on the film. If you attend SXSW this year, you lucky bastard, you can catch its world premiere under the Narrative Features Competition.