EA had its big investor call today, which as usual was a good place to find info on their upcoming slate. EA bragged about their best selling titles last year, with Left 4 Dead 2 selling 2.9 million copies and Dragon Age: Origins selling 2.7 million, tremendous news for fans of Bioware. EA lost 82 million last quarter but considering they lost 641 million the same time last year it’s a big improvement, and they’re excited for the next year and the AAA titles that they’ll push.

They have three big titles hitting the first quarter of 2011- Dead Space 2, a brand new Dragon Age title (not another expansion) a new Need for Speed title, and a shooter from Epic Games and People Can Fly that’s currently untitled. Another Dragon Age title for handhelds was announced, but whether this means DS or PSP or possibly even iPhone is all guesswork at this point.

This year has some big titles hitting as well, with Realtime World’s massively multiplayer cops and robbers game APB hitting in the summer and The Sims 3 (for consoles) and Crysis 2 hitting the final quarter, not to mention all the digital downloads and DLC the company has in the works.

There have also been some rumors (from internet surveys) that hint at a port of the Wii’s Dead Space Extraction for Xbox Live Arcade and PSN, something that would make a lot of sense since the great game (review) didn’t exactly push a lot of copies. There are also reports of a Dead Space spinoff known as Planet Cracker that will be a strategy game where players manage a CEC operation, sort of a space Sim City dealing with managing a mining operation while fending off space pirates.

As for EA, Mass Effect 2 is destined to sell a ton of copies (and rightfully so), and we’ll soon find out if their big Dante’s Inferno gamble pays off. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is looking utterly fantastic (have you tried that demo yet?) and Command and Conquer‘s fourth installment hits PCs in March, so it looks like the company’s got a bit to look forward to. Let’s see if they can pull themselves up without losing any more employees.