Show runner David Goyer has left the troubled science fiction series Flash Forward this week, citing his film career as the reason to move on. Goyer’s got a lot of irons in the fire, and he has for a while now, so what could have drawn him away from the spiraling in the rating show? Besides the whole ‘spiraling in the ratings’ part?

Nikki Finke, the Frau Blucher of the net, says that he’s leaving to work on Batman 3, although the way she words it doesn’t quite sound like a scoop so much as an assumption. And there’s been so much going on in Goyer’s movie life that it could any number of projects, including his take on The Invisible Man, which could be heating up if Universal is feeling good about The Wolfman.

But wait, there’s more! According to MTV Ghost Rider producer Mike DeLuca has expressed interest in having Goyer direct the new film, based on Goyer’s script. That project has been getting into position lately, and if Goyer is coming on as director that would be a much stronger reason to leave his show than knocking out a Batman 3 treatment with Jonah Nolan.

So what is it? Is it Batman 3? The Invisible Man? Ghost Rider? Or something completely different? Only time will tell.