Of all the films begging to be rebooted, would you imagine Mr. and Mrs. Smith to be high on the list? NY Mag’s Vulture is reporting that it will be the next to be thrown upon our society’s horribly short memory.

The fairly forgettable original film is really only notable for pairing together Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on screen as in real life, to every gossip rag’s delight. Now of course it seems like they might no longer together (be proud of yourself if that’s news to you) but they’re not going to be cast in this new film, anyway.

No, it appears that Regency Enterprises is setting up a semi-reboot prequel to the film that will be called Mr. and Mrs Jones, and will be about a pair of spies who are set up as a fake married couple after graduating their spy training from their spy academy of spies. Quite different than the original, which was about a normal (although ridiculously beautiful) married couple who didn’t know that they were spies until they were contracted to kill each other. Hijinks ensued.

Of course, the big question here (besides “Why?”) is who the hell could they possibly get as such a star couple?