So I Stumbled a website today. Yes, stop the presses. Anyway, it’s a music site with the novel concept of offering “quests”, “experience” and “achievements” for listening to different kinds of music (most of it has an indie slant, be warned). It’s also kind of a social networking thing, allowing you to connect to other listeners and see what they’re up to. I never got into Scrobble but I suppose this may be similar to people who’ve used that.

Takes a minute to figure out how to navigate it but once you do it’s actually very easy and addictive. I believe this will lead to many new musical discoveries, which is cool because usually I get new music via word of mouth. It’s sort of nice to take the reigns and have such an excellent vehicle for doing so.

The site’s called The Sixty One. Find it here:

I’m thunderclam there. Happy musical adventuring.