is going to be a great year for movies. I’m confident of this. Since
we’re in this ride together I figured we’d get ready for the year in a
fun and exciting new way. First, over the course of the next fifteen
weekdays we’re going to highlight one mainstream film a day. Some of
them are slam dunks, some of them have a cloud of trouble floating
above them, but all represent a great way to spend a Friday night at
the movie theater even if it results in you ripping its ass thereafter.

of the things this site is built on is a love of movies. Some folks
think we’ve let some of that go by the wayside. I disagree, but
regardless, I want 2010 to be a year where this site restores some of
that wonder. Though the glass can never truly be half-full in a
business so driven by rehashes and hollow entertainment, we’re going to
have fun with it and prepare you guys with as many tools as possible to
make the moviegoing experience worth it. Especially as the internet
gets more and more bogged down with people who have no right serving as
an authority of film blabbering all over blogs and Twitter and beyond.

There’s a reason you come here.

Day Nine

The Other Guys
Directed by Adam McKay
Mark Wahlberg, Will Ferrell, Dwayne Johnson, Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Ray Stevenson, Michael Keaton, Steve Coogan, Anne Heche, Craig Robinson, and Derek Jeter
Written by Adam McKay and Chris Henchy

The Gist
It’s an Adam McKay movie. Which means you must see it. When his films are good, they’re classics [Anchorman] and when they’re not good they’re still pretty good [Step Brothers]. Plots have nothing to do with it, but let it be said that this one’s plot is equally bland as the others:

A desk cop (Ferrell) and his unwilling parter, a tough cop (Wahlberg) are given the opportunity to shine in the company of their police heroes (Jackson and Johnson). They don’t.

But look at the cast. And remember that McKay is gold.

Participants to Watch
Mark Wahlberg can be funny but it doesn’t come natural. He’s shown glimpses of it in films and in public appearances but he needs to not feel like he’s in an SNL skit here. There’s no denying his growth as a businessman [he’s making HBO a lot of dough], but this might be a make or break film for the guy in terms of being as versatile as an A-Lister ought to be.

Ray Stevenson is great. Just look at him. I got all warm inside when he showed up onscreen in Book of Eli. I hope this isn’t just a Mike Starr type of role.

Chris Henchy co-wrote this. Not Will Ferrell. Not Judd Apatow. He also wrote Land of the Lost, which is a very mediocre comedy with some great little moments. He’s not a brand like McKay and Ferrell and Apatow are. He has some big shoes to fill.

The Buzz
Nothing yet, but you know it’ll be marketed well and that the same people who are currently licking their lips for this Sunday’s Super Bowl and the associated beer commercials that accompany it is the target audience and they are easy marks.

Best Case

It’s like Anchorman. It makes a ton of money.

Worst Case
It’s like Step Brothers. It makes a ton of money.

CHUD’s Prognosis
I think the world is in a place where we need a film like this. We’re going to see a lot of films wanting to be The Hangover, which is fine if they’re good but I’m a sucker for the McKay/Ferrell formula and here’s hoping they give the absurd the big star treatment this time around. A must see comedy even without Judd Apatow’s name on the poster.

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