The Fast and the Furious saga will not end! I know that the ending of the last film left many questions in fans’ minds, such as: ‘Why do people like reading?’ and ‘How come tummy hurt after big popcorn bucket?’ and maybe now they’ll be answered in a film that is being called Fast Five.

I imagine the next film will just be titled Vrrrrmmmmm Grrrrrrrrr VrrrrrmMmmmm! at this rate. Anyway, the fifth film in the franchise will reunite America’s most obviously masculine and lady loving action star, Vin Diesel, with my favorite underrated B-movie hunk, Paul Walker, as they become fugitives on the run. Justin Lin returns to direct, which makes sense as the last film – which he directed – was Universal’s biggest hit of 2009.

Fast Five shoots later this year, with a 2011 release date planned.

via Variety