The theatrical version of Nightbreed was cut down from Clive Barker’s original vision; for years it was believed all the missing scenes and deleted footage was lost, but last year an uncut workprint surfaced. Now that workprint is making its debut before an audience in… Indianapolis? Yeah, I was wondering ‘Why Indianapolis’ as well and then someone told me the city is essentially Midian, so it’s like a hometown premiere.

The movie will be playing at the local ‘Horrorhound’ Convention, and if you’re in the area I urge you to go. And write me with your thoughts. The reality is that even the director’s cut of Nightbreed is probably terribly flawed, but I find the movie so fascinating in so many ways that the flaws don’t bother me. And so I’d love to see the full vision for the movie that Barker essentially saw as a horror Star Wars. Hopefully this showing isn’t the only one and the movie heads out to Los Angeles, where all the people who matter live.

Via Shock Til You Drop