Terrence Malick is working with blazing speed. A mere five years after his last film, The New World, his next movie, Tree of Life, looks poised to premiere at Cannes. And then he’s going to get working on a whole new movie this fall. Yes, this means it’s not completely inconceivable that we could see two Malick films within a year or two of each other.

That would actually be Malick working at utterly unprecedented speed. Hell, a three year gap would be unprecedented. Two years or less is mind boggling. It’s like Takashi Miike speed.

The next film doesn’t have a title, but it does have a cast. Christian Bale will be playing some kind of glowering, unsmiling character. Rachel McAdams and Olga Kurylenko also star, and since the film is being called a romantic drama, I’m assuming Bale will be involved with one or both of them. I’d pick Kurylenko over McAdams in about two seconds. I don’t have to even think that over.

It’s the fall date on the new film that makes me convinced Tree of Life will be hitting Cannes as had been previously rumored. There’s no way Malick is going to start on a new film without the previous one being in the can and in theaters and in his rear window.

via Deadline Hollywood