The Blue Shell is quite possibly my favorite sea food place that’s nearby. There’s another nice joint that Vanessa and I love to go to, but that place is at South Padre Island, and that place is a good 50 miles away.

I love eating grilled fish. That’s the meal I’ve loved to eat for quite some months now. It started with watching the last episode of Lost:: Season 5 and watching Jacob cooking up a piece of fish in the intro to the episode. I also like to douse the fish in lime juice. I’m serious. I squeeze like 6 or 7 of those things on there. They also have this delightful little cocktail that is comprised of some vegetables and pieces of shrimp with spices and tomato juice. Very refreshing. That along with the grilled fish and grilled shrimp combo plate that I love eating there makes for a very fine restaurant.

Also doesn’t hurt that their happy hour is pretty good. Their Margaritas are quite delicious and are only $2.

Sometimes I like to eat their shrimp taco plate which is damn delicious, but most of the time I stick with the grilled fish and shrimp plate. I’m not talking about a simple little piece of fish either. It’s two pieces that are the size of a steak. Like I said, delicious if you are into sea food. It’s quite a nice place, and I don’t think there are any outside of where I live, which is a shame. This restaurant should be global.

So last night, we had agreed to go to this really nice sandwich shop called the New York Deli. As the name suggests, they sell New York style sandwiches and soups. The place is also a veritable Beatlemaniac heaven. There’s always Beatles music playing, and there is tons of Beatles merchandise all over the place. I’ll go more into detail on this wonderful place in a future places I like to eat blog. Anyway, The place was closed today, and it’s also closed tomorrow. We had been looking forward to eating here, and this damn place is closed? That’s a loss of business right there. I can certainly understand yesterday since it was Christmas, and even the day before as it was Christmas eve, but this is December 26th. Christmas is over. Get the business going again. To make matters worse, another place that we wanted to go to was closed as well. Just a big damn shame.

Rene’s song of the day: “Mystic And Severe” by Ennio Morricone.

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