Uh oh!

With unbaptized baby blood still drying on the Visceral Games factory floor and Dead Space 2 waiting on deck, you’d think that the Dante’s Inferno developer would be ready for a break. Not according to an industry gamers interview with Executive Producer Jonathan Knight:

IG: So is there anything else in your classical studies that you’d like to realize in game form?

JK: Macbeth the game is something I’ve been thinking about for years, but now, I think the emotional quality that games are achieving and the value level of the acting and the sound work makes it possible. The thing is, the unique quality of games is being interactive; it’s about action and killing things and pursuing those mechanics is tricky when bringing in classic media; Dante’s is more of a violent interpretation of the poem for example. Macbeth would be great, though; there are witches and a supernatural experience along with plenty of intrigue and murder.

While this isn’t even close to an official announcement, it’s clear that Visceral’s leadership wants to spearhead a series of violent interpretations of classic literature. Don’t be too surprised when you see a Scottish king slaughter a trio of witch bosses with aerial combos in a Superbowl ad next year.

Of course, whether or not we’ll see a Macbeth or The Canterbury Tales or (God forbid) Lysistrata from Visceral Games hinges largely on how well Dante’s Inferno performs. The verdict on Inferno isn’t in yet, but if you played the demo, you might guess that something’s rotten in the state of Denmark.

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