Ryan Rotten’s one of the best people I have come to know in my time in Los Angeles. A great guy, a straight shooter and a trusted friend, Ryan’s one of those guys you’re not supposed to meet in Hollywood – and he’s definitely the sort of guy who is not supposed to make it big. But here he is, making real moves as a producer on a movie called I, Frankenstein with the people at Lakeshore.

Based on a comic book, I, Frankenstein finds the Monster a private eye and Dracula a crime boss. The film will be written by Kevin Grievoux, co-creator of the Underworld films. Patrick Tatapolous, the FX superstar, will be directing. Also executive producing is IESB.net’s Robert Sanchez, who has been making major strides into film production the last few years.

The film may shoot this July. Best of luck to Ryan and Robert.