Patton Patton Patton!!! He’s got a host of new projects, from the release of the long-awaited Mondocane album to a new project called NEVERMEN with, are you ready? TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe (!!!) Throw in a rumored super-secret project with Queens of the Stone Age/Those Crooked Vultures guru Josh Homme (new Desert Sessions maybe?)** and if that weren’t enough Mr. Patton has also composed an original piece for a new noise generator machine and it will be performed in SF and NY (although apparently not performed by him). Here’s a video of Patton playing around with the machine:

Next, Sometime-Patton Collaborators DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN’s new album OPTION PARALYSIS is slated to land March 23rd. Good news, as this band has only gotten more and more interesting as they’ve evolved. Here’s a great video of the band in the studio. Note: I was interested to see that apparently not only do DEP play their break-neck speed-violence live amidst a sea of seizure-inducing strobe lights, but if parts of this video are to be believed they record the shit that way as well. WOW! I still remember the first time I saw/heard Dillinger – they opened for Mr. Bungle’s California tour at Chicago Metro. The lights went out and the strobe/musical assault of Calculating Infinity’s Sugar Coated Sour hit so loud and violently, with the guitarists up on speaker cabinets above the crowd, flailing like epileptic ninja priests in rapturous death throws, I recoiled from primordial instinct that my life was suddenly in very grave danger. Many shows and damaged band members/audience members later I know my caution was well-deserved. No hard feelings though, I love these guys.

Oh, that video:

Let’s go back to Patton for a moment now. Not just Patton but FAITH NO MORE. These guys have been touring outside of America now for a while and although there have been no announcements of A) an American tour (sob***)  or B) a new album Patton has mentioned the possibility for both in various interviews, one of which I’ll link to here:

Also, check out these AWESOME Faith No More photos by a great photographer by the name of
Israel Martinez****. Photos are (I believe) from their recent Arena Monterrey, Monterrey Mexico show. I’m surprised and more than a little elated to notice the unmistakable resemblance to early-era Mr. Bungle here. Hmmm…

Oh, and Mr. Bungle/Fantomas bass player Trevor Dunn’s new band MADLOVE’s debut album is FAN-TASTIC. Really, album of the year behind Grand Duchy’s Petite Fours. Here’s a sample to round things out:


* Most of my links and info here are from an all-things-Patton blog I’ve recently discovered. Here’s a link. Great site, check ‘em out:

** Although my source for this information is, ha, metal hammer magazine’s website and any magazine that puts phil anselmo on its cover is not a credible source in my book, so take from it what you will.

*** And yet who can blame them, as they were always appreciated outside the U.S.
more than inside where people still perpetually equate them with ‘Epic’.

**** Check out Israel’s myspace site and give this guy some props!!!