Variety reports today that Len Weisman is stepping back into the director’s chair for Underworld 3D, helped by French film rebates that will offer 20% of a film’s budget.*

While the story for the film is still up in the air (Remake? Sequel? Sequel to prequel?), the film will most definitely be playing in NAIL-LENGTHENING 3D.

Kate Beckinsale is scheduled to appear in the film after a timeout with Rise of the Lycans  (a prequel to the epic Underworld saga) but according to BD’s sources she’s trying to back out of it any way she can, as any smart actor would. She might try to take a smaller role if that’s unavoidable and allow someone else to take the main spot.

Underworld 3D hits theaters January 21, 2011. Will the 3D craze have crashed by then?

*Chris Nolan’s Inception, Eastwood’s Hereafter and The Lorax will also be taking advantage of these rebates.