Aussies are starting to get their hands on Dante’s Inferno (it hits stores there this Thursday, while we have to wait till next Tuesday) and have found a video on the disc that shows plans for DLC.

Titled Trials of St. Lucia, it will allow Dante and Lucia (pictured above) to fight together against hordes (ahem) in arena maps. You won’t just have stock arenas, either, as it will feature user-created arenas that can be shared between friends. You’ll be allowed to pick from various environments and enemies and try to compete with your friends on leaderboards. What’s more- there will be brand new enemies available in the pack that aren’t in the main game.

The DLC is set to hit April 29th. Check out the trailer for it below.

In other amusing Dante’s Inferno news, it seems that their Super Bowl ad has run into a bit of trouble. According to the Hollywood Reporter, CBS balked at the content of the ad- but not quite how you’d expect. No, battling monstrous hellspawn is fine and dandy, it’s the “Go To Hell” line at the end that was too much for the network, causing them to reject it. The new approved version of the ad simply states “Hell Awaits.”

Slayer approves.