Severin Films is a company that’s released a ton of genuinely good (if campy or exploitive) films on dvd, including the Australian biker flick Stone, the original Inglorious Bastards, the cyberpunk cult classic Hardware and the infamous little person serial killer film The Sinful Dwarf.

But now it’s about to get a Birdemic.

Birdemic: Shock and Terror is a film that’s become famous for being more of a joke than anything else, a new Snakes on a Plane, if you will. The obviously Birds-inspired film (which includes a cameo by none other than foul fowl warrior Tippi Hedren) was shot over a period of four years by writer/director/producer/financer James Nguyen, and is all about an army of birds taking over the world. The movie was rejected from this year’s Sundance Film Fest and so Nguyen instead spent the entire run of the festival driving back and forth in a van covered in fake birds and blood.

Severin was so impressed with his unorthodox marketing tactics that they picked up worldwide rights to the film, and are in the midst of planning a limited theatrical release. One stop will be on March 2nd at the Alamo Drafthouse, where they hopefully have enough beer on hand for the levels of drunkedness that you’ll likely need to experience the film. [UPDATE: It will also be playing in LA at the Silent Movie Theater on February 27th]

Watch that trailer and mull that over in your head… this film will be seen in theaters. Here’s the first scene.

That sound you just heard was thousands of filmmakers screaming out in horror and jealousy. If you need more Birdemic in your life check out the official site here.