The Green Lantern movie is going to be quite like the Thor movie in that both films take the superhero genre someplace it hasn’t really been in cinema: while Thor goes fantasy, Green Lantern will be going scifi. And for those worried that Green Lantern was going to be woefully Earthbound, new concept art that’s been popping up at io9* shows lots of aliens looking very alien.

First up we have the Guardians of the Universe, the little blue guys who are the bosses of the Green Lantern Corps. They live on the planet Oa, in the center of the galaxy. I like that this design adds some slightly weirder features to them; in the comics the Guardians are just essentially blue dwarfs.

And here’s a look at Kilowog, who was more or less Hal Jordan’s boot camp instructor in the comics. His art is interesting for a look at the costume design, mostly.

* what’s curious is that the art is still up at the site. Usually if this stuff was legit it would get pulled immediately. io9 says they’ve confirmed it as real, and maybe the leaks were purposeful on the part of Warner Bros, but it is worth taking the grain of salt approach with this stuff. In the last two weeks I’ve gotten two complete fake scripts, which means people are out there spending lots and lots of time coming up with weird hoaxes.