Little Fockers
is moving to December 22nd from July 30th. 

If any of you give a crap about that statement, there.  Now you’re in the know.  Universal today decided to move the third film in the Meet The Parents franchise to a time of the year when they can probably make even more more sickening bank.  Which isn’t surprising, since Meet The Fockers premiered on the exact date six years ago and hauled in nearly $280 million domestic.  Universal honcho Nikki Rocco felt that they were being “opportunistic” in the move. “A year ago, the Christmas landscape wasn’t as clear,” Rocco said
in explaining the studio’s original summer slotting for Little

Taking the Little Fockers slot at the end of July instead will be the Matt Damon thriller, The Adjustment BureauScott Pilgrim vs. The World will premiere on Aug. 13th as well.  So again, not an unforeseeable development with this move.  The fact, however, that it hasn’t been announced in Focking 3D is about the only thing surprising here. 


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