ABC sent a handful of contest winners USB drives with the first four and a half minutes of the premiere episide of Lost season 6 and – somehow! – those minutes have ended up online. I’m sure this footage will be yanked at some point, but it seems blatantly obvious that the internet is where these four and a half minutes were supposed to end up; to those who think I’m breaking CHUD’s stringent anti-piracy rules I can only say: this is obviously not piracy.

But all marketing stunts aside, it’s exciting to see these opening minutes as the new season has been shrouded in almost unprecedented secrecy. Damon Lindelof has said that the reason for that secrecy is the fact that every single minute of the new season is spoilery, but that’s not quite true. The first two minutes of this clip are just the last two minutes of the end of last season. But after that comes the reveal of the nature of the entire sixth season, one that many of you have probably already guessed.

Do you dare be ‘spoiled?’ If so, watch below.

UPDATE: The video seems to not want to play when embedded. Unclear why. Click here to watch.