If you’ve been feening for anything Muppets-related, you may finally get your fix as James Bobin, the creator of Flight of the Conchords has just signed on to direct a new theatrical movie starring Kermit and the gang, according to THR.comBobin’s name emerged as the lead choice after “Cloudy With a Chance of
Meatballs” directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were on track to
directed but abruptly did a detour, inking a deal to helm “21 Jump
Street” at Sony instead.

This will mark the first theatrical outing for Jim Henson’s creations since 1999’s Muppet From Space.  They’ve been mainly seen in television and DVD since then.  Jason Segel and Nicholas Stoller have written this new adventure, which has so far been kept under wraps.  Meanwhile, Bobin also has the upcoming comedy Moon People on his slate.

10 years is entirely too long to have not had a Muppets adventure on the big screen.  There’s been an entire generation of kids who haven’t gotten the chance to see them in a movie theatre and that’s just somehow wrong.  Hopefully this’ll be a step back into prominence for the franchise.

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