TBS has just picked up a pilot from David Spade for an animated version of Joe Dirt.

No, really. Sony Pictures Television and Happy Madison Productions are
working with Spade on the show, which will follow the animated exploits of
the same mulleted, mop-wielding loser from the box office bomb.

With its
worldwide gross of 30.9 million the 2001 film didn’t even make back its production budget of 34 mill, so it’s curious where TBS thinks this will
go. Then again, it is TBS.

“David Spade is a hugely popular comic talent who has created a funny,
yet lovable, character in ‘Joe Dirt,'” said Michael Wright, executive
vice president, head of programming, for TBS, TNT and Turner Classic
Movies (TCM). “We look forward to seeing how he and his fellow writers
and producers take this character in new directions as TBS continues
exploring the world of primetime animation.”


The pilot’s script was written by Fred Wolf (Joe Dirt, Dickie Roberts) and Donick Cary (The Simpsons, Lil’ Bush). I’m sure you’re all quivering with anticipation.