And so my Sundance draws to a close. A shuttle is coming in a few hours to whisk me to Salt Lake City, then a plane to Vegas and then a plane to Burbank and then I’m home with my kitten and my girlfriend and my body finally quits and I go comatose for a day. This is a short Sundance for me; in the past I’ve stayed until the bitter end, but this year other responsibilities and a happy homelife made staying in Park City for ten days seem like no fun.

That said, next year I’m in for the whole thing. There were a lot of bumps at Sundance this year, and without the final three days to play catch-up on movies my total is a pathetic 20. With three more days I could probably have jacked that to 30 or so, a number of which to be proud. I will get my total number up higher through screeners – I’ll be seeing The Shock Doctrine and 7 Days at some point when I get home – but that number feels like it should have an asterix next to it.

I did only one interview this year, with Katie Aselton, director of the very good The Freebie. Next year I hope to have more feet on the ground in Park City, making it possible to bring you more interviews. And to bring you more content more quickly; seeing four movies a day, getting four hours of sleep, eating poorly and dealing with bad weather really wears one guy down and keeps him from getting as many reviews written as he would like. Next year I also hope to do Quickies faster, although AT&T, being the worst fucking company in the entire world, kept me from getting them loaded up to YouTube in a timely fashion.

Once I get home I’ll write up a look back at the best films, the worst films, and the buzz films that I didn’t see. In the meantime, I’m all caught up on Quickies, and I have more reviews in the queue.

Here’s the list of the films I have seen so far, and links to either reviews or to Sundance Quickies about each:

Get Low (review)
Enter the Void (Quickie)
A Prophet (review)
Bran Neu Dae (Quickie)
Catfish (Quickie) (review)
Cyrus (Quickie)
Sympathy for Delicious (Quickie)
Four Lions (Quickie)
Buried (Quickie)(review)
Frozen (review)
The Killer Inside Me (Quickie)
Lucky (Quickie)
Holy Rollers (Quickie)
The Runaways (Quickie)
The Tacqwacores (Quickie)
The Freebie (Quickie)
Tucker & Dale vs Evil (Quickie)
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work (Quickie)
Splice (Quickie)
Exit Through the Gift Shop (Quickie)(review)
Louis CK: Hilarious (Quickie)