Man, we already thought the marketing team at EA was behind Dante’s Inferno 100% as they brought us in to see it, gave us twisted christmas ornaments and even rickrolled us? Even with the comics and films on the way, we had no idea how much faith EA has in this title.

Reports are coming in that EA has purchased a Super Bowl ad this year. Estimates for the prices of these are are at least 2.5 million each. I know a bunch of laid-off folks that must be pleased with this news, never mind EA’s investors, who just saw stocks tumble.

I’m hard pressed to think of any other videogames besides Halo 3 that bought an ad space for the Super Bowl, and that was much more of a sure thing.

Will the money thrown at this title pay off for a gaming public that’s just experienced the nuttiness of Bayonetta and has God of War 3 on the brain? We shall soon see.