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01/27 – Played by the Gideons.

Photo by Nick Nunziata.

1. Why did you buy this game?
2. Why would you buy this game?
3. Is it even a game?
4. Did someone put you up to this?
5. Isn’t this kind of like homework?
6. Is the loser the winner of this game?
7. Is this a Bible sales tool?
8. Do they make a travel size version that fits in the psalm of your hand?
9. Why does the ‘o’ in the game’s title make me hallucinate?
10. Is this a party game in your circle of friends?
11. Would you try it under the influence of all drugs please?
12. Is the answer to question six always ‘Myrrh’?
13. Is there a Bible version of every game?
14. Why did I capitalize Bible?
15. If you donated the cost of this game to Haiti, would you be better off?
16. Did they make this in the same factory they make 20 Questions, Erotic Edition?
17. Do you get to the fifth questions and lose your shit?
18. Can you pay for this item in sweet plaudits?
19. If Christ knew this game was 2,000 years away WWJ have D?
20. These were rhetorical questions weren’t they?