Well yeah, I guess with the soon-to-be glut of 3D movies that are scheduled over the next year or so, you’d figure that the last two Harry Potter films would be getting some of that action.  And that’s exactly what The Hollywood Reporter is saying.  Apparently, 3D-ification tests on Clash of the Titans that were done by an outside vendor are looking so spiffy that Warner Bros. is going to slap the extra dimension on its tentpole films to round out that mega franchise.  Total cost will be roughly $20 million, $5 mil a piece for the two films and an extra $10 million for the glasses.  This hasn’t been confirmed yet by the Warners, but an announcement is anticipated.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince got the 3D treatment in limited release last year.

How ironic that in this brand new decade the newest fad in movies is something that was hot six decades ago?  Personally, I thought Avatar looked amazing, but those glasses got mighty heavy after 2.5 hours+.  Still, if the trend holds, I’d imagine we could be seeing a great many films, including probably every major animated movie getting the process to varying degrees of release in this post-Avatar world.  The article also posited that studios could like how 3D films play overseas so much that even films like James Bond might be considered.  They just better make sure they get a close up on Judi Dench in something skimpy.

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