Last week it was reported that Saw VI director Kevin Greutert had been chosen to helm the sequel to Paranormal Activity, but it seems that Lionsgate has other plans for him.

As part of his contract, Lionsgate has a say in what he chooses to direct next and has ordered him to move on to the next installment of their neverending Saw series, Saw VII- in SPLEEN-BURSTING 3D. Greutert was unable to do both films because they’re both planned to release on October 22nd of this year. Yes, the time and care put into both will certainly show through on film.

Even better, Greutert took to his blog with the below words with the title of “Woo hoo! Lawyers are sending me to Canada tomorrow!” (UPDATE: It’s been pulled, but you can see the Google cache here.)

I just had the task of telling my 83 year old mother that no, I’m not going to be allowed to direct the movie we were all so excited about when my family last got together, and that I’m being forced to leave town before getting a chance to see her again.  Yes, I’ll be filming people getting tortured YET AGAIN.  So we’ll have to put off me making a film she can actually watch for another year.

I’m not making this shit up.

Boy, I sure love when my horror movie directors are concerned about making movies their mother can see, and with such a distaste for torture. Then again, can you blame him?

Either way, this sure bodes well for the next installment.

Pray that this means we’re that much closer to the end of Saw on our boards.