By the time Monday rolled around I had gotten myself fully into the movie viewing swing of things – it’s the movie reviewing that’s been harder to get going. But I knew it would be like this; I’m a fast writer but I’m not someone who can simply bust out a piece on demand. I need to be in whatever weird ‘zone’ lets me get the best writing, and I’m really conscious about putting up subpar writing. Especially on reviews for big movies, or movies I care about. Add to this the fact that I’m running around between Sundance HQ and different screening venues plus trying to eat once in a while and I’m waaaay behind on reviews.

I knew that would be the case coming in, and thus was born the Sundance Quickie. I’ve been good so far, getting every film up in a Quickie format (most of them videos).

Here’s the list of the films I have seen so far, and links to either reviews or to Sundance Quickies about each:

Get Low (review)
Enter the Void (Quickie)
A Prophet (review)
Bran Neu Dae (Quickie)
Catfish (Quickie) (review)
Cyrus (Quickie)
Sympathy for Delicious (Quickie)
Four Lions (Quickie)
Buried (Quickie)(review)
Frozen (review)
The Killer Inside Me (Quickie)
Lucky (Quickie)
Holy Rollers (Quickie)
The Runaways (Quickie)
The Tacqwacores (Quickie coming)
The Freebie (Quickie coming)