Repo Man is the definition of a great cult film. It’s not a good movie at all, but it’s just so bizarre and off the wall that it manages to be charming in a way that eludes most films, even despite the presence of an Estevez. It’s also a fine example of the underloved “Making a mundane profession seem much more exciting” genre (along with Roadhouse, natch).

The one genuinely great thing about the whole film was the soundtrack. Black Flag and Iggy Pop and Suicidal Tendancies!

Anyway, there’s been talk about a sequel for years and years and even a project titled Waldo’s Hawaiian Holiday that failed to materialize (although it was adapted as a graphic novel). Now, 26 years later, there’s finally a sequel of sorts on the way- Repo Chick. The trailer has just hit, but is the world ready?

Looks like someone got their first green screen! Blink your eyes and it looks like a Tex Murphy game here at parts.

Yes, this is from Alex Cox, director of the original Repo Man. This is one of his microfeature films produced for under 100 grand, a spiritual sequel to the original with no recurring characters since Universal holds the rights to the original. It premiered at the Venice Film Fest last September to mixed reviews and it’s hard to know what to make of it all.

No word on release plans yet but we’ll let you know when we hear it.