George Romero’s Survival of the Dead was picked up by Magnolia last month and now solid release dates have hit.

Fangoria got the scoop- Magnolia’s excellent Magnet Films label will release the film in a limited theatrical release on May 28th. It will also hit cable via On Demand services on April 30th. Kudos to Magnolia and Magnet for sticking to their VOD model, as it makes it so much easier for folks who don’t live in one of the main markets to see the flick.

But are we all ready for another zombie flick from Romero? Is there anything left to scrape from that barrel? It’s sad that we live in a time when a new zombie film by the originator of the genre (Fiend Without A Face says “Hey!!”) doesn’t attract much attention, but then again, he did it to himself.

That said, Devin liked Survival well enough, and hell, you won’t be able to keep horror fans away from this.