You liked Taken, eh?

Well the director’s got a new one coming out and it’s got John Travolta sporting absolutely no head hair to speak of! He’s joined by Jonathan Rhys Meyers in the action comedy From Paris With Love from director Pierre Morel. It’s the story of a young suit who gets teamed with an American agent and ends up facing hordes of terrorists. He also clings to a potted plant through half of the film’s trailer, which truly mystifies me.

You want to see it before the majority of Earth?

Use the link below and include your mailing address and there’s a good chance you may have a pass mailed through time and space towards you courtesy of my dear old mom.

Below you will find the trailer of the film to help you decide. I think you’ll probably want to see it. At the very least, it has a really gorgeous poster.

Also, I’m running Smoker’s Paradise [4090 Johns Creek Parkway Suwanee, GA 30024-1260 (770) 814-2155] every day this week on through the weekend from 12-7pm. If you’re in the John’s Creek area and want to stop by for a cigar and soda (sadly the liquor license needs renewing) I have a really nice red t-shirt from the film and a badass bullet keychain. Just for showing up! I’ve also got a steady stream of movies running on the television here should you want to hang out.

Here’s the trailer: