Ghostbusters 3 will probably be in 3D. Fucking duh.

In less painfully-obvious news, Gremlins 3 may be happening. Returning to the painfully-obvious… if it does happen, it will probably be in 3D.

These scantly detailed new-bits come from Market Saw and their “top sources.” I would typically load this up with grain-of-salt warnings but neither report is particularly crazy. The first is easily believed- seriously, anything resembling a genre film has at least a 50/50 shot of getting the 3D treatment. That simply will be the case for the next few months, if not from now on.

Word of another Gremlins film (sequel? prequel? reboot? remake?) has come and gone over the years without much action, but you’re nuts if you think they wouldn’t get around to mining that brand name eventually. Joe Dante is lazily mentioned in the Gremlins piece, but his involvement would run contrary to several statements he’s made in the past- specifically ones stating that he wouldn’t have any involvement in a Gremlins remake.

Of course, if you ignore the times he said he wouldn’t be involved in a Gremlins remake, there’s a chance he could be involved. He recently made an apparently pretty good 3D movie after all! And this will probably be in 3D! Tenuous connection, but who knows how big the check will be?

Look for more details when there actually are a few.

Act as if there’s any chance a Gremlins movie made in 2010 wouldn’t rely on CGI on the MESSAGE BOARD.