My second day at Sundance was a bit of a bust in that I only managed to see two movies. They’ve moved the press screening theater from the 300+ seater in the Yarrow Hotel to three 150 seaters in the nearby Holiday Cinema. That means movies get packed and you have to show up an hour early to wait in line for the buzz films. It can be hard to do that as you’re running from place to place, and I got shut out of two movies because of this new set up.

But the second night made up for it at the Fantastic Fest party in Tim & Karrie League’s condo. This party was so hot that even Sundance director Trevor Groth showed up. And it wouldn’t be a Fantastic Fest party without some karoake, and I made sure to get up and do my fair share. And do my fair share of drinking, which led to being terribly hungover in the morning when I began my Sunday.

While Saturday was a bit of a bust, Sunday was quite good – I got four movies in and probably could have done five if I had felt up to it, but I needed to get back to the condo to write. I’ve seen nine films so far, which is a sad average of three a day, but my choices have been good – only one has been truly awful, one was just plain bad, one was mediocre, and many of the rest were great.

Here’s the list of the films I have seen so far, and links to either reviews or to Sundance Quickies about each:

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A Prophet (review)
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