If you follow my Twitter acount you might already know that I had some… problems getting to Park City yesterday. I left my house at 6:30 in the morning to take an 8:20 flight with a 10:10 connection in Vegas. My 10:10 connection ended up becoming a 4:30 connection, and I was stranded in the Vegas airport for eight hours. I actually didn’t have it so bad – I had friends whose flights were canceled altogether and who drove overnight to get to Sundance. That’s crazy, especially once you get into the Utah mountains, where blizzard is the default state of things.

Anyway, enough of my sob story. I’m at Sundance, I have my badge and I have a schedule full of movies. This is my third Sundance, and I’ve learned some lessons, chief of which is that when you’re covering the fest on your own doing interviews is a waste of time. Many of the movies that play here with recognizable actors will be released in theaters in the next few months, and there will be press opps in Los Angeles. But interviews also eat up my time that could be devoted to seeing and writing about movies.

The other lesson is that it’s damn hard to keep up with even a lax review schedule. Last year I wanted to review every movie I saw, and failed. This year I’m making it easier on myself by doing quickie video reviews on my iPhone that I can load directly to YouTube. These will be collected in my Year of Living OCD blog, which you can read here. I’ll also try to create a centralized location where all of my Sundance reviews are linked for ease of access.

I have seven days of movie watching still to go, and I have only one film under my belt as of this writing. Hopefully I’ll be able to give you guys lots of reviews and insights from Park City. And hopefully next year we’ll be able to have more people on the ground, so that we’ll be able to have more reviews and a passle of interviews.