According to THR’s blog Warner Bros has ordered a 3D test of Clash of the Titans, which they will screen next week before deciding if it’s worth it to make the movie.

While the film wasn’t shot in 3D, technology has allowed 2D films to undergo a conversion to add another dimension. It’s what they did with the recent Nightmare Before Christmas and Toy Story revivals, and something that was considered for a while with Iron Man 2. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was made the same way.

It’s probably a smart idea, as people looking for the next big experience after Avatar will likely plunk down the extra dough to mythological beasts fighting it out in 3D. One problem- Paramount’s releasing Dreamworks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon in 3D the same day as Clash (March 26th), and there simply might not be enough screens to go around.

Think what you want of Avatar but it looks like it has changed one
thing- we’ll be seeing a helluva lot more 3D films in the future. With
everyone trying to cash in on its success expect many more films to
either be announced in 3D (yes, even more than before) or to undergo
the conversion process.

Wonder when this trend will finally die (only to reemerge decades later) on our boards.