Sega just released a new “Heritage” trailer that showcases how far gaming has come in a decade. Side by side footage comparing the original Aliens Vs Predator to the upcoming remake shows how much those improved graphics and lighting systems are going to pull you into the game…

Loving the look of this new one, and might have to dive back into the original to get even more excited for it. If you hadn’t heard, they recently released the original Aliens Vs. Predator on Steam. It’s only five bucks on there and likely the easiest way you can get it to work with newer operating systems.

As for the remake, there’s also this pretty awesome “Killmoves” trailer that showcases some of the gore you’ll experience in the game. Looks like the Predator will get most of the fun this time around.

Aliens Vs. Predator hits February 16th! Lance Henrikson, three full campaigns, multiplayer and co-op? Yeah… that’ll do.