Crysis was a very good game hampered by a short length and some ridiculous hardware requirements upon its release in 2007. Still, it was one of the better PC shooters around, and the expansion (Crysis Warhead) was well received by the community as well. While the console port has never materialized, there’s been a sequel in the way for years. Gamers are dying for any bit of news on the game and now the new location has been revealed- and it’s no longer in the Philippines. Far from it…

Today in a tweet the official Playstation Magazine has revealed one startling decision today for the game- it’s going to be based in New York City, who’s apparently come under attack by the aliens in the first game.

It’s a strange move for the series, which was known as a mostly horizontal game. The suit obviously looks improved as well. While in the first game you were given powers of increased strength, speed and defense, could there be something to help you get around the city a little easier, or would they focus on smaller parts of the city? There have been far too many games to use an open-world NYC as its environment, after all.

The one thing we know is that the game’s supposed to continue the story from the first, set four years later. Check out the teaser trailer that was released at GC last year-


Don’t forget, Crysis was originally conceived as a trilogy, so we’ll see what else developer Crytek has in store for us soon.