Scott Stuber promised me that the cut of The Wolfman that screened for the MPAA was the final cut. So when did Universal add back Danny Elfman’s original score?

Whatever else comes of The Wolfman, this is one of the most… eventful productions I can remember. In the Internet age it’s hard to keep your behind the scenes issues as behind the scenes as you like, so we’ve all seen the director come and go, we’ve seen the (Stuber-denied) arguments about PG-13 vs R, we’ve seen the release date get bounced around, we’ve seen new editors like the great Walter Murch brought on board and we’ve seen Danny Elfman’s score replaced at what seemed like the last minute. But it wasn’t quite the last minute, because the replacement score has been replaced. With Elfman’s score.

That’s the story according to MovieScore Magazine, who says that Universal confirmed to them that Elfman’s score is back in. Since Elfman wasn’t available to work on finishing his score other composers were brought in to tidy things up. The replacement score by Paul Haslinger was dumped.

What an odyssey. I wonder if there will be a totally different version on DVD, and then another on cable and a third on video on demand. Like Lawrence Talbot himself, The Wolfman seems to never stop changing.

Thanks to the scooper who sent this in whose email I can’t find. Sorry!