Diablo Cody is adapting the poorly written Breathers: A Zombie’s Lament into a movie, and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is also becoming a movie, so I guess the whole shitty zombie/romance genre (seriously, what the fuck?) is making it to the cinemas soon. Add to that one Warm Bodies, a self-published zombie romance novel by Isaac Marion. I accused the book of being a rip-off of Breathers, but angry Twitter replies tell me that the original story upon which the book is based (and which has really no narrative – you can read it here) was published some time ago. Before or after Breathers, I don’t know.

And I don’t care! The very concept of these books makes me a little bonkers. It’s the so-painfully behind the curve aspect of them that hurts, and then the oh-so-cleverly marrying them to other genres aspects that irks. Hey, look at my really hip mash up! Hey, I don’t take either of these things seriously! Hey, I don’t even like zombies (paraphrased from Isaac Marion’s Twitter feed)!

Anyway, Jonathan Levine, who has made two films – one excellent, The Wackness, one very good, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane – has been hired to write the script. Maybe he can make something good out of it. Hey, maybe the book itself is good. But since it’s a zombie love story, I’m not holding out any hope.

Can this mini-fad please be over right fucking now?

via Variety