You probably missed Push, the superhero-in-civvies movie starring Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans. Until now I thought Push would go down in history as the movie that made Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire change its name, but it looks like the film is getting a second lease on life… on TV.

David Hayter will be writing the pilot for a new series based on the film. Back when the movie came out my review said that I would have liked it better if it had been a pilot for a TV series, as it has some interesting (if hackneyed) mythology. Well, my random thought has become a reality.

In the world of Push there’s a hierarchy to the super powers – telekinetics are movers, oracles are watchers, mind controllers are pushers – and there’s the Division, who is trying to make all of these psychics into weapons. There’s nothing all that new here for comic fans, but it has more promise than the boring rip-off bullshit of Heroes.

The press release says that the show will be an extension of the film, so I imagine it’ll take place after the events of the movie. This is probably as good a reason as any to finally get around to seeing Push, which actually boasts some nice Hong Kong locations.