If you thought Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty was a gay/drag icon now, wait until Tim Burton gets done with her. Ain’t It Cool is reporting that once he’s all done with his Alice in Wonderland Burton may turn his attention to Sleeping Beauty‘s evil queen-cum-dragon.

Basically Burton’s film would be the original story as seen through the eyes of Maleficent – ie, a riff on Wicked. I’d actually rather see Burton do Wicked, even though Sweeney Todd proved he has no real facility for musicals. Still, I find the world of L Frank Baum more intriguing than that of Sleeping Beauty.

The big question is: what role will Johnny Depp play? I honestly wouldn’t put it past him to play Maleficent, although he’d probably have to duel Helena Bonham Carter to the death for the right. How can Burton choose between his muses like this?