Back in the day, foreign films were considered a good way to see nudity at a time when American films had married couples sleeping in two beds. There was always a sense of the Continental libertine with foreign films, and people sat through real classics hoping for a bit of tit.

The times have changed, and now tits are available everywhere. In fact the word tits in this article has probably been turned into an annoying Bing pop up window that will bring you directly to pictures of tits. But every now and again a foreign film comes along that reminds us of their original allure, and that reminds us that the Europeans still have us beat when it comes to nudity.

I present to you the trailer for Room in Rome, the latest film from Sex and Lucia director Julio Medem, and starring Elena Anaya, best known to us as one of the Brides of Dracula in Van Helsing. Hereafter to be known to us as that endlessly naked, writhing girl in Room in Rome.

This movie is coming to America in 2010 from IFC. You can be happy, since they have a day and date video on demand policy, which means you can rent it on your cable system and whack it discreetly at home.

Click here to watch the trailer.