News that DLC is on the way for a brand new game gets some people very riled up, but they shouldn’t with the details of what’s to come in Mass Effect 2. Much like with Dragon Age: Origins and The Saboteur, each game comes packed with a one time use code that enables you to download some DLC for free.

Enter the code found in your Mass Effect 2 box and you will be able to download an in-game portal called The Cerberus Network that works as a conduit for players to get bonus content, as well as daily messages and news on upcoming releases. The Cerberus Network will also enable you to download the first DLC pack on launch. It will feature new missions and in-game items and a new character called Zaeed, a “rugged and deadly gun-for-hire” who you recruit for Commander Shepard’s crew.

“The Cerberus Network augments and extends the rich universe of Mass Effect 2,” said Dr. Ray Muzyka, co-founder, BioWare and Group General Manager of the RPG/MMO Group of EA. “We’re thrilled to be able to reward loyal BioWare and Mass Effect fans with ongoing, high quality content and provide a direct channel for our players to dive deeper into the intriguing lore of Mass Effect.”

Soon after launch another DLC pack will hit that features a new vehicle called The Hammerhead, a hover tank that will allow you to more easily traverse rough terrain. The pack will come with new missions and items as well, including “Cerberus Assault Armor which boost shields, health and heavy weapon ammo and the M-22 Eviscerator Shotgun.”
I know some people don’t like the idea of making DLC for launch and it’s a tiny bit of a pain to input codes and download content before you start your game, but look- it’s a smart idea. Customers feel like they’re getting their money’s worth and the game companies see money from the full retail price, rather than getting screwed over by Gamestop undercutting them with a cheaper used copy. If people do pick up the used copy they might be more inclined to pick up the DLC, so it’s a win win situation for everyone.
Did you finish your second playthrough of the first yet? For more on Mass Effect 2, check out these new Fight For The Lost trailers. The new characters all seem a lot angrier this time around…

The soundtrack also hit stores today! You can hear some great samples and purchase it from us through Amazon here (Canadians can grab it right here)- just from these it’s apparent than the game sounds more cinematic and epic than the first. That’s what happens when you get Jack Wall and a fantastic team of composers to do your game.

One week, people. One week.