Bruce Campbell just sent an email to AICN that reveals that he is planning the sequel to My Name Is Bruce!

Hello everyone. Bruce Campbell here. This urgent message is short, because my keystrokes are monitored and I fear for my life. My partner at Dark Horse comics, Mike Richardson (normally a very rational and talented man), threatened to have his foot soldiers “crush my spleen” if I did what I am about to do. But the fans deserve to know, so with great trepidation I officially announce Bruce Vs. Frankenstein, the sequel to My Name is Bruce. Principal photography begins this fall in Oregon. I’d like to live long enough to see the cameras roll, so please, for the love of God, do not tell anyone – I can’t risk this announcement getting back to Mike! Thank you.
While My Name Is Bruce wasn’t quite what most fans hoped for (review here) there’s still plenty of potential in the concept. It’s still a shame about Bubba Nosferatu- it’s hard to think that he would turn down a chance to revisit his best role ever and yet do sequels to lesser films. But any Campbell is cause for rejoicing.
Wonder if he’ll get Ted Raimi to play Dr. Frankenstein on our boards.