This little series finally comes to an end. It never became what I wanted it to be, but as I previously mentioned, life got in the way and I couldn’t watch as much fall TV as I wanted to, so I’ll wrap things up and move on to other, hopefully better film/TV pastures.

Of all the new shows I did watch, I thought they all shared something in common: they had potential but weren’t great, with a few exceptions.

So here’s a short round up of what I thought of the season, or at least of what I got to watch.

The show that excelled from the beginning: Community

Señor Chang!

This is the only show from this list that I have to see more than once, and every time I see it, I laugh and cry.

Joel McHale + Chevy Chase = Love. And the rest of the cast is pure comedic genius. What I love the most about this show is that every line is an epic one-liner.

By the way, casting Anthony Michael Hall as a bully = Priceless.

The final credit bits are always hilarious, specially this one:

The little show that couldn’t: Dollhouse
As soon as this show was cancelled and Joss Whedon took full control of it, it started to kick major ass. At least Whedon was allowed to wrap up the story and we’ll get to see it, unlike with Firefly. Yes, I’m still pissed about that. Die Fox, DIE!

Also, it is a sad, sad thing not to have Tahmoh Penikett on my screen every week. So sad…

The dearly departed: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
This was a show filled with unfulfilled potential, and the only thing that ever made me think Brian Austin Green is a good actor. RIP SCC.

The biggest “Whaa…”: The Vampire Diaries
I was fully expecting to develop intense hatred for this show, but I love it now. The show was able to balance the high school romantic melodrama with the supernatural elements and go as dark as it needed to go. Big props to Ian Somerhalder for turning Damon into an incredibly layered and complex character.

The new shows I like but could eventually bore me to death: Flash Forward, V.
I’ve said what I had to say about V already. But if they get Paddy Considine as neo-Ham Tyler I will die of joy!! I know that’s not going to happen, but I’m entitled to my little delusions.

About Flash Forward: I like the show. It has lots of potential but it seems aimless at times. I liked how things began to unfold in the last episodes of the year, particularly the involvement of Jack Davenport and Dominic Monaghan. I’m glad the show is getting reworked a bit during its long hiatus and hope it reaches its full potential, but I fear the core concept of the show is too broad, sort of like what happened with Dollhouse.

Renewed Love: Supernatural
When it comes to angels and demons on film and TV, things can go very bad, very easily, and turn into an incredibly cheesy mess if not approached in the right way; I say this because I’m still resentful about ABC Family’s Fallen.

Fortunately, Supernatural is a show that has managed to combine comedy and drama without being afraid to be as dark as it needs to be in order to make its stories effective, especially now that Lucifer and angels are involved. To me, Supernatural is now better than ever. I used to be a casual viewer but now I’m a hardcore fan.

And to think Jensen Ackles came from Days of Our Lives… Boy’s come a long way.

The rollercoaster: So You Think You Can Dance
The SYTYCD finale was last night and Russell the Krumper was crowned the winner. This would have been a wonderfully surprising finale had Russell and Jakob not been set up to win from the beginning. In the end, with the judges’ blatant favoritism, Fox’s stupid idea of moving the show to the fall season, and the cave they used for a stage, this season failed in many levels.

What saved this season were the wonderful dancers. Kathryn (the other dancer I was pimping along with Legacy) ended up in third place. Good times!

All in all I’m grateful for this season, for it introduced me to Legacy’s work, which in turn introduced me to…

The happiest discovery of the season and future object of pimpage: LXD
Legacy is a dancer and one of the choreographers for this wonderful dance crew. They have an online series coming up next year that will be mercilessly pimped here. Why? Watch their SYTYCD performance and you’ll understand.

And here’s the trailer for their online series. Let the pimping begin!

The show I should love but really, really DON’T: Glee

The biggest “What the fuck” of the season: Stylista
I caught this reality show -a competition to win a paid editorial position at Elle magazine- last night by accident. I have never seen people more devoid of any personality than the Elle fembots.

The oldies but goldies: Fringe, House, Californication
I wish Fringe would focus more on mythology and less on the “monster” of the week storylines; and I’ve only seen 6 episodes of Californication, so there’s some serious catching up to do. But these are the three shows I rely on when I want to watch good TV and they rarely disappoint.

The old shows I gave up on: Gossip Girl, Dexter, Ugly Betty.
I don’t dislike them. I just can’t make myself watch these shows again. But Rita’s death is making me want to give Dexter another chance.

The suicide inducers: Melrose Place, 90210
I haven’t survived 5 minutes of either of these shows. They make me feel dirty in a bad way.

The show that surprised me like a bitchslap: Stargate Universe

I will watch anything with Robert Carlyle in it.

This is another show I caught by accident. My first reaction was “They’re ripping off Battlestar Galactica!”, But by the end of the pilot I was hooked. This Stargate spinoff is, in my opinion, a whole lot better than Stargate:Atlantis, I show I just couldn’t get into.

The shows that sat for far too long on my desk and I never watched:
NCIS:LA, Defining Gravity, Three Rivers, Trauma, Modern Family, Bored to Death, Hung, Eastwick.

And now I am left anxiously waiting for Human Target. It looks so good!