Film Weekend Per Screen James Cameron
1 Avatar $41,300,000 (-17.9%) $12,572 $491,767,000
2 The Book of Eli $31,615,000 $10,162 $31,615,000
3 The Lovely Bones $17,060,000 $6,656 $17,527,000
4 Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel $11,500,000 (-30.6%) $3,489 $192,592,000
5 Sherlock Holmes $9,825,000 (-40.8%) $3,096 $180,018,000
6 The Spy Next Door $9,700,000 $3,317 $9,700,000
7 It’s Complicated $7,672,000 (-30.3%) $2,873 $88,224,000
8 Leap Year $5,828,000 (-36.7%) $2,320 $17,529,000
9 The Blind Side $5,565,000 (-26.1%) $2,311 $226,774,000
10 Up in the Air $5,460,000 (-23.7%) $2,591 $62,833,000

This just in: Can you see why I’m so fucking angry?

So, James Cameron. Kind of a genius. He taps into something powerful. Currently the film is at 1.1 Billion international, and that puts it at 1.6 billion all in. Which means that two billion is going to happen. First film to do so. It is now the #3 domestic (still #2 WW), and will likely be passing The Dark Knight‘s $533 Million by the end of next weekend. Next weekend it will also have topped the chart for six weeks in a row. That’s rare, and nothing in the 21st century has done something like that. Unfortunately for record keepers, what it won’t make is seven weeks in a row, cause Edge of Darkness is likely to top the charts in two weeks. Though it could take #1 again by February. It should also be at half a billion by tomorrow. Which only three films have ever done. My mom called me this week to tell me she was going to see it. We major. We major? We major.  

The Book of Eli opened well, and could get close to $40 Million by end of Monday. Though the film will likely struggle to do much more or around $100, which is good for the Hughes brothers, who went off the grid for a couple years. This will be their most successful film by a long shot, as it’s already their most successful film. Already, as in by today it will have made more moey than anything else they have ever done. International – as an action film – should be solid, so this is a win for everyone. Not so much for The Lovely Bones. It wasn’t so much a bad weekend, which is good, but there will be no nominations beyond a possible toss to Stanley Tucci, and next week it will surely be off a lot. And make no mistake, cinemascore whatever, there’s a lot of critics who just hate this film, which means there’s going to be some audiences who just hate this film. Maybe the film gets to $50 Million, unless the book fans fall for it, and make their own movie out of it. I went low, but that what I get for seeing the movie.

The Squeakquel will get to $200 Million. For Sherlock it’s still sort of questionable, but by the end of next weekend it’ll be around $190, so at that point, it may just get there. The Spy Next Dud. Speaking of limping, Its Complicated should get close to $100, and over. Nothing’s happening great with Up in the Air. The nominations are there, but after that I don’t know. Probably nothing. I don’t think the film gets to $100, though it’ll be hanging out in the theaters for another month or so . Everything else is there at this point. The Blind Side may get a nomination or two from the Oscars, and might get a win for Bullock, but $250 is probably not in the realm. Depends on the heat. More on Thursday-ish.