I love covering stories with details originating in the foreign press because you can run the originals through translators and produce gold like this,

“George Miller is doing the full. In a few weeks his judge over the road known as Mad Max will take over the wheel to bring gas to new frenzied transferred. Fuel to the action and inflated to 3D Mad Max 4: Fury Road is a two-tire position his cabin on the start line.”

That’s high-octane Frenchlish.

What can be gathered from that, and some other detail-gathering around the web, is that 3D is a definite, and that the relationship between live-action and animation is currently unclear. There was a time when this sequel was thought to be a solely animated affair, and now it has moved to some other vague place that apparently mixes the two.

George Miller has tread this media-mixing ground before, but implementing this kind of hybrid presentation on a large scale, with a Mad Max movie of all fucking things, is strange to say the least.

The rumors of Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron starring in the film were confirmed back in October, but there is still a lot of information left to find out about what shape this film is going to take. The cars will be real at least. Watch for news to escape about Mad Max 4 between Happy Feet 2 reports.

Make drive opinion amongst MESSAGE BOARD highways.

Source | toutlecine.com (via /Film), Variety