It turns out Ezio Auditore wasn’t finished killing chubby renaissance guards. CVG reports that Ubisoft is readying a followup to the surprisingly decent Assassin’s Creed 2, which will expand on the Ezio storyline and incorporate multiplayer features.

We’re not talking about a mere expansion pack, either, as one Ubisoft rep carefully points out that the new game will cost “a full price point.” It’s not yet clear whether this new Creed will be a formal third game in the series, or whether the title will get irritable colon treatment (e.g. “Assassin’s Creed 2:  $60 Expansion Pack Rising”).

As much as some of us despised the first game for its repetitive gameplay, the sequel was a vastly improved experience, so it isn’t surprising that Ubisoft is building on that goodwill with a direct story followup. Exactly how AC2.X will incorporate multiplayer features remains to be seen. Co-op, please?

Expect the followup some time prior to March, 2011.