Times are tough for the Weinstein Company. So tough, in fact, that they’ve moved Piranha 3D back from April to August; the official word is to get it out of competition with Kick-Ass, but the writing seems to be on the wall: they cannot afford to release the movie.

Oh, and according to Shock Til You Drop when the movie is released, it probably won’t be in 3D. Of course maybe this isn’t even an issue of when but rather if. You know you’re in dire straits when the bloody 3D movie that you were counting on to make you quick cash can’t even be released. And if the movie is 2D, how silly will it be? Aja apparently embraced the 3D gimmick, so there’s lots of stuff coming at the camera, including blood and boobs.

It could be that 2010 sees the final days of the Weinstein Company. Hopefully Aja doesn’t get crushed as the Weinstein Brothers come crashing down.