Speaking of movies that are unmissable…

Matt Damon. Paul Greengrass. Lloyd Levin.

If that’s not the mark of guaranteed quality I don’t know what is. Add in Brendan Gleeson, Amy Ryan, Jason Issacs, and Greg Kinnear and you’re on the road to amazing.

Green Zone is Paul [if you need to know his resume, you messed up] Greengrass doing his riff on the powerful book Imperial Life in the Emerald City*, one that apparently used the book as a source but took on its own life as the process commenced. One could expect serious tension, some great moments of action, and political matters embedded with grace and class in a way that only Greengrass can deliver. Say what you will about his ‘shaky cam’, United 93 and Bloody Sunday are colossal movies that could have easily been overly melodramatic or scarily jingoistic.

Watch the trailer:

Yeah you want to see it.

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* Originally recommended to me by Mark Woodson, a softball teammate of mine who sadly passed away this month.